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1 MORE, 1 LESS….

1 MORE, 1 LESS….
Hmm….another year has rolled by, and it’s been a year with a difference. Responsibilities have mounted, challenges have come and gone, many successes have been recorded, it’s been a full and eventful year. Hubby had been asking me what my plan for my birthday was, but honestly, i didn’t have anything in mind as to what i really wanted; but i was tired of the “business as usual” birthday. I was however excited and anxious that i was growing older….
This morning around 6am, i was woken up by sweet music beside my window – violin, the guitar, and a female sonorous
voice, singing, “Happy birthday to you……”. I tried to check if i was dreaming, once i confirmed it was real, i hurriedly dressed up and went to the living room, only to see the main lights switched off and colourful lights were on moving around in circles; like disco lights 🙂
I went out to bring them in and they took two other songs, one was a special one from my husband to me; it’s an old
song we share for as far back as over 7yrs ago. We held hands, danced, kissed, tears in my eyes, but i was so shy,
it was amazing!….. It was a huge surprise and i definitely wasn’t expecting it; i had no clue… day was made
already by 6.30am. Then came the cards and a huge gift. It’s great to be loved and for it to be communicated.
I was still relishing the experience but i had to get to the office having been off for a couple of days. After a
while at work, i got bad news that my car had been bashed. I was a bit shaken but decided not to allow anything
spoil my day. I rushed downstairs only to get to the last part of the staircase to find cameras and lights
flashing; then i saw a horse with bows, banners and a box that had another gift. I mounted the horse and took a
ride up and down Allen. It was fun. And different. I later had a birthday get together with my colleagues at work.
It’s been a good day; and it’s still on 🙂
Meanwhile, for a couple of weeks before now, i’ve been battling severe frontal headache that was off and on. So
after a full antimalarial treatment, i was referred to an opthamologist. I got there and a file was opened for me
since i was a fresh patient. I was told to fill my biodata and it came to the part where i was required to fill my
age. I filled the age i clocked today and the lady appeared surprised, saying i didn’t look my age at all. That was
clearly a compliment and i took it as such, but i thought about what she said again and it dawned on me afresh
again that i don old! I thought about my daughter’s age and tried to calculate my mum’s age when i was my
daughter’s age. I tried to think about what my mum was like then and how i saw her; i then wondered how my daughter
sees me. When she mimicks what i do, i wonder at the effect of motherhood on her; i also wonder at the fact that i
don’t feel like a mum all the time.
It’s amazing how much influence our lives have on others as we move on in life and responsibility calls as we grow
older. So much depends on our perspectives and the decisions we make.
If i pray for anything these days, it’s for God’s wisdom to always make the right decisions. Wisdom makes the
difference between success in marriage, parenting, work, family, with in-laws, etc; it makes the difference between
rich and poor as well. This new year, i receive wisdom far beyond my age to be a solution to knotty issues, to give
sound judgement and to be the best, because as the days go by, it’s closer to the end; it’s one more in age and one less to spend on earth. Lord, help me to make my days count!!!


6 Responses to “1 MORE, 1 LESS….”

  1. Ogochukwu says:

    Aaawhhh… sweet! I can’t even imagine what you’d have been feeling with all that plenty show of affection.

    Me i need to get married too

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful mentor and friend. More than once I’ve been blessed by your words and more than once you’ve been there when I needed it. God bless your today and your future!

    Plenty love…

  2. Royal_Prince says:

    I must confess that I had to read some lines over again to be sure these are real and not some fairytale from your But they are real and i must say you are blessed amongst women. Happy Birthday! And many more years of purposeful living.

    Hmm! What a husband you have! Thank God he was at home that day. Who knows how many engagements he put on hold (or canceled) to be there for you….

    Your light can only shine brighter!

  3. olufunke says:

    Happy birthday to you!
    You sure enjoyed your day,
    That was so sweet of your husband and loved ones.
    Thank God for your life!
    Praying this woudl be the best year of your life yet and that this time next year would be a thousand times better!

    Do have a great year!

  4. Happy birthday……..Great Woman

  5. anuoluwapo says:

    am i jealous?envious?greatful?or happy for u?

    nahhhhhh, am blessed by the real n fairy tales in the story! i recieve it IJN…..


  6. Deola says:

    Wow!now I’m really feeling like marriage.
    Um really getting ideas from Chairman.

    God bless you and happy birthday in arrears.


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