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Small but Deadly

Small but Deadly

Happy Easter to you all. I believe we had a restful holiday. I did, cos i needed it. I came across this article in┬álast week and decided to add the lessons learnt and share it with all my readers. Am sure you’ll find it very good.

One summer day, two men and their wives went fishing on a well known lake. They had a boat and some of the finest equipments, and were looking forward to a good catch. They fished for several hours, but hadn’t gotten as much as one bite so they decided to return home. It intrigued them however, to see a small boy on the shore pulling in one fish after another. Curiously, one of the women walked over to the little boy to find out just how he was catching all those fish. The little fellow, happy to explain his success pointed to an old rotten log. “There are lots of worms under that log”, he replied, and they make good bait, “although they bite your hand a bit when you put them on the hook. Help yourself; there are plenty of them”.

Lifting up the log the woman looked, and there, to her surprise, she saw not worms, but a nest of dozens of poisonous baby copperhead ‘snakes’. “Those aren’t worms, they’re copperheads!” She called to the boy, “let me look at your hands”.

The boy’s hand was covered with tiny bites and already were beginning to swell from the poison. They rushed him to the doctor, who injected some anti-venom serum and the boy’s life was saved. The doctor estimated that the amount of poison from the little bites actually equaled the bite of a full grown copperhead, another hour and it would have been too late!

┬áThis little boy was very innocently handling the snakes, not realizing that they were poisonous. They were actually destroying him. He was using them to his own advantage, so he thought, but they would have caused his death. Many people today are innocently living their lives, not hurting anyone else, yet completely unaware that sin in their lives is destroying them……

A major underlining factor that almost caused this little boy his life was ignorance. Ignorance is deadly, more deadly than most diseases. It’s important that we seek knowledge, and regularly update our knowledge base. We also need to commit to a habit of seeking knowledge. We need to ask the experience and successful, so we can have an easier journey. Knowledge arms us against harm.

Also, this boy readily shared the “secret of his success” with the woman that approached him. That act of “giving” turned around to preserve his life. If he had kept it all to himself, he would’ve died cheaply. So, even though he was harming himself unknowingly, he offered advice to people who also wanted to make a headway.

The boy also used the “worms” to his advantage; there’s nothing wrong with this, but we need to find out if our actions align with godly principles and values, e.g. using people to our advantage…

So, i’ll like to encourage you all to commit to getting knowledge and sharing it. May wisdom and knowledge preserve you this month as you apply yourself to it. They say “common sense achieves common results”; let’s step up our game so we can be preserved and get outstanding results. Welcome to the month of April!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

8 Responses to “Small but Deadly”

  1. Harry says:

    Thanks for this. It was really inspiring

  2. Ogochukwu says:

    Interesting story. Sometimes we fall into trouble when we think we know it all and go ahead in our ignorance.

    Thanks for sharing this story.

  3. Royal_Prince says:

    Aunty Tope, many thanks for this instructive piece.
    The lessons are well thought out. That is how the devil operates: he gives one a false sense of progress (success) meanwhile he is after one’s life. He comes through those it-doesn’t-matter kind of sins that look innocuous and ingenuous but poisonous and destructive at the long run.

  4. anuoluwapo says:

    ok ok

  5. K Etti says:

    Thanks T-topes,
    You ‘ve gotten me hooked to this ur doses of vitamins. I am now ur fan. will b-cast to others to benefit from this great doings of urs.
    Again Thanks vere…verey much!!!

  6. OMOBOLA says:

    Ignorance is bondage. Knowlege liberates. What you know gives you a key to the things unknown. Most people are happy just knowing what they know. We love to claim territories. We love to say…………..when I was there this was what we did…………Amazingly, things change so frequently that our knowlege becomes obsolete evry minute. Asking questions, sharing our knowlege is the only way to empower yourself. If you think that you know…….just ask your will be shocked how much you can learn. Thanks Tope, for teaching me something new today.

  7. yomi says:

    well balanced illustration and buried in it are words of wisdom. Thanks Tope for this life saver piece

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