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It’s been a long while i wrote an article, but it’s been so much in my mind to write one. I came back from a short but refreshing vacation over two weeks ago. By the time i came back, i was energized and ready to face the next phase with renewed energy. During my vacation, i met, and chatted with different people (i went with a group of friends and business associates); some of the people i spent time with, i only knew from a distance before then. It was a time of relaxation; bonding and making fresh acquaintances live on the Maldives Islands, an exotic island consisting of 1,190 small islands in the heart of the Indian ocean. We had an exciting time. Check out the pictures in my facebook album.

There’s this experience i had always wanted to share with my readers. While growing up, especially as a teenager, i had a few experiences that were not too good, especially involving misunderstanding caused by divergent views i had with my parents, especially my mum about different issues. I had some times when we disagreed so strongly that i made some foolish resolves, one of which was a decision to rarely come home as soon as i gained independence (that was to be from University onwards). I felt they were just not being reasonable. Did you ever feel that way? Do i have a witness in the house?

My mind went to all these when a while ago, i got chatting with a young guy in the prime of his teenage years. We really got along well as i shared my experiences and he shared his, and we compared notes. It was fun. Then, after a while, he started to tell me some pains and hurts he’s had while growing up. He told me a number of hurtful things that his parents had said to him as long as almost 10years ago. He mentioned awards he received that his parents didn’t show up for; he lamented that he believed that strangers valued him more than his parents do. Financially, he seems well taken care of; he attends one of the best schools around, goes on vacation and is ok, but he felt he needed his parents more than what he was getting from them.

I sat there and wondered how people misplace priorities, how we run around for money to give our children the best and leave out what really matters to them. What we leave with these children after they’re grown are the memories of times that we share with them. My current status message on facebook is about a song my dad taught me while growing up which i had also taught my children and they were singing it all over the house. The feeling is one that money cannot buy.

For the past few days, I’ve been school-hunting, trying to change school for my children; and i discovered how easily we can judge our responsibility to them by how much we spend on them. I made up my mind to be there for them as much as possible, instill values into them, and to “create” fun, unforgettable memories that will outlive me for them and i know this decision will cost me all conveniences. It’s easy to let things slip by, but I’ll ensure that first things come first.

Have a good day everyone!

3 Responses to “Unforgettable…”

  1. JesusFreak says:


    True words…

    Thanks mam

  2. Fola Fayo says:

    Yes o, the times with them they cherish so much, especially at this age. God give us grace to make use of His grace to be the best parents we can be.

    ku itoju

  3. Royal_Prince says:

    I subscribe to your philosophy on child upbringing.
    It is not how much you spend on your kids but how much you spend with them that is more important.

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