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Eat in, Take away or Take Home?

Eat in, Take away or Take Home?

On reading this topic, what comes to mind? Fast food, naturally…..the chicken & chips, the pizzas, burgers, rice n chicken and lots more. But today, we’ll be looking at things a little differently, in another context, the context of a spouse – a life partner, more specifically tilted towards the female gender. I think for perspective, i should just try and define each of the terms in my own special way.


When you walk into a fast food restaurant with a friend with a plan to stay, and down all your meal/snack/order while you’re there. While eating, some might fall on the table or floor, and the cleaner promptly sweeps and disposes off it. After eating, you may even use their convenience and “download” before leaving for wherever else is on your schedule for the day. Who knows? You could even leave the premises as close to hungry as when you came in and thoughts of the possibility of jamming that “suya man” on your street before he closes for the day might have started running through your mind.

The eat-in babe is an answer to an almost urgent, immediate need. Not much thought is given to “eating” her. She also honestly doesn’t mind a quickie, a fling, a person met at an event and things kick off on the high immediately, just maybe someday, one of those can become something serious. It’s a mindset that lives in the now; believes that good relationships/marriages are old fashioned and hardly exist. After the guy leaves the restaurant, she’s as good as forgotten; there’s little or no value.

Take away

Take a typical day when you’re running late for a meeting but very hungry; all you need to do is stop by a fast food restaurant, grab a bite with the plan to munch on the go. So, you probably finish it all up on the way, clean up, and if you’re a good citizen, wait till you get to your destination before you dispose of the waste. Then, you’re set and prepared for your meeting.

The take away babe gets into a relationship on the go. Her relationships change as the locations change, so some take weeks, some months. There seems to be a huge need for completeness per time; there’s a lot of focus on “me” in this case as well as a lot of talk about her “fantasy relationship” but no depth/content/long term thinking. There’s a craving to match up with societal expectations.

Take Home

Take a look at this scenario. It’s been a long day at work. You long for the peace and tranquility of your home, and having dinner whichever way you want it, in the privacy of your home and at your own pace. You can truly enjoy every bite without feeling self conscious or distracted by your environment. You’re not likely to waste the food if you can’t finish it; you can always refridgerate and microwave it later. The main point of the take home is that of true value, no wastage and no urgency and undue rush to get the food in and get things over with.

The take home babe is balanced and prepared – spiritually, emotionally, mentally for a long term relationship. This takes several years of self development, learning so as to have the right mindset to be a take home babe. That’s where many people wish to be but their actions don’t align. They want to eat or get eaten quickly, in case they don’t make it home.

How do you see yourself? Do you see sufficient value in yourself to warrant your waiting to be taken home? Is the idea just desirable or are you putting in the discipline required to make it happen? Are you an eat in, take away or take home babe?

My dear ladies, you deserve the best if you’ve invested in yourself to be the best and move with the kind of people you want to attract. Put yourself to use so that you can be useful, then valuable, then desirable. Home is where you belong, make it there, to the right home, the home, your own home. I look forward to seeing your wedding IVs!

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5 Responses to “Eat in, Take away or Take Home?”

  1. Joseph Ekwu says:

    Hmmm…I am shocked no lady has dropped a line here, well maybe I’m not looking close enough, take home chicks are scarce now as the world is fast changing, BB has kept the ladies busy that they forget everyother thing 🙂

    Well spoken, couldn’t be better.

    On a lighter note, eat in and take away meals come in handy when the full meal is not yet ready or you are stuck in lagos traffic, but the calorie content is so high that after a bite you might need to visit the doctor………..:-)

    Josephekwu signs out….

  2. Ennie says:

    Nice post! Unfortunately many fall within the eat in and take away range which is more like now the INTHING. May God help us restore our value system.

  3. Adedayo says:

    ‘Take home to mama’ girls are indeed hard to find these days. Truth be told. A man who has a good woman to call his own does not know the kind of favour he has. Just recently, my friend’s born-again fiancee (who claimed to be a virgin) was impregnated by her boss! Of course, my friend never made love to her, and this was how the girl confessed. She said ‘the devil made her do it’. Why can’t people just decide to be responsible. My dear sister, nothing good can ever come out of sleeping around. I am a 28-year old man, and I am keeping myself untainted for my wife. I want to be a blessing to my wife. I want her to be envied by all and sundry. I learned this from my parents. They have been faithfully married to each other for 29 years.

    My father called me when I was 16 and had a man-to-man discussion with me. It has stayed with me ever since. Looking at my parents’ marriage, I am inspired to do things right. I am definitely not going to settle for just any girl, because I don’t want a woman I cannot trust. My mother once told me that marriage is all about commitment. That is it! It is not always about ‘feeling in love’. I was shocked!

    Please tell these girls to be responsible. Or they have themselves to blame at the end of the day.

    Keep the posts coming. Greetings to your husband.

  4. olufunke says:

    I like your illustrations of take away, eat in and take home. Interesting.

    I’m inspired by Adedayo’s parents marriage. May God give us all good testimonies.

    Nice article.

  5. Funmilola says:

    Hummmm,wat a good nd inspirational article. God help me to fufil my decision so dat i can become a take home to a responsible man

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