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The Messiah Mentality

Today’s article is meant to address a male syndrome which i’ve decided to call the “Messiah Mentality”. Follow me as i create a scenario that captures in detail what this mentality looks like. Here it is:

Guyz, don’t make up to break up….

Hallos my people, i trust we had a good weekend. I got quite a number of responses about my last article especially from guys who thanked me for telling the ladies the bitter truth, some even quoted specific people in their offices, family, church, etc; so, just before the guys think they have it all together, today i’ll be descending on them!

All the single ladies in the house….

I started writing this article last week, then lost it; how painful! It’s taking a lot from me to have to put my thoughts together and write again, hoping this will be an opportunity to have a better article. This article is for or about the ladies….again! lol You know my heart goes out to you babes J