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The Marriage Cage

Marriage is every lady’s dream. It’s the icing on the cake, especially when a lady spent the earlier years of her life looking forward to the day when she will own her own home, be a content and fulfilled wife and woman. The thrill is usually higher when the man is relatively settled – has a good job, a nice ride and apartment; the lady feels secure and with absolutely no worries on her mind.

Ladies, if only you knew……

Thanks all for the responses you gave on my last article about sheep and shepherds (pastors and church members). I’ll like to, in this short article, address the ladies and not limit it to them and the Pastors alone.

Is your pastor sleeping with your friend?

I find it very sad and disheartening, the rate at which i hear reported cases of Pastors who sleep with their female church members. It’s a scourge and a cancer that’s running so wild, i wonder how it became so bad so fast. I have heard of countless cases; let’s not check the gory details at all.