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The part two of the article that addresses inferiority complex in men has taken so long to come up. We’ll be taking a look at how it presents in a marriage relationship and how it can be handled, and possibly, resolved. Before then, let’s do a brief overview.

Inferiority is a feeling that is common to every individual. At some point in time, you may have felt inferior to a friend, a colleague, or even a sibling. While for you it may be a minor event that you may have overcome, there are some who develop a major inferiority complex. It is mainly a psychological condition that finds its roots in childhood and manifests itself into adulthood if not recognized at an earlier stage. Those who suffer from such a complex constantly belittle themselves, and are very sensitive. They could be so sensitive, that they may become paranoid, thinking that everyone is making fun of them, or thinks lowly of them.

People with an inferiority complex may be outspoken, to an extent that is rude. This stems from the constant desire to prove to themselves or others that they too, are capable of doing all those things that the other is doing. Take an example of a man whose wife is clearly more successful and more influential than he is. Some men, can’t handle it, they would always find reasons to say that their wives do not respect them and are constantly on the lookout for ways to assert their authority in the home.

For someone to overcome this deep-seated condition called an inferiority complex is no easy task. The roots of this problem lie in the past, in an event or a series of events and situations that have left a deep scar on the affected individual’s mind. This complex has then become a type of defense mechanism against all kinds of problems and situations. For such a person to even accept that he may be suffering from an inferiority complex is extremely painful and difficult. An inferiority complex cannot be overcome overnight. It takes a good amount of time, for a person to regain his/her lost self esteem and self image, and to be able to ultimately see the world in a different light. However, the process has to start some time, for which some of these steps may be taken:

1) Positive Thinking: As easy as it sounds, being positive is something as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest for someone who has an inferiority complex. Someone who is conditioned to thinking poorly about himself is going to find everything about ‘positive thinking’ like rubbish. If he believes that life is very unfair to him, he will not even allow the effects of positive thinking to show. However, like a dose of injection is given at regular intervals for someone who is unwell, so is a regular dose of positive thinking required for someone who has an inferiority complex. Reading good books on positive thinking, or just being with people who are positive, as a step towards self improvement on a daily basis, can slowly bring about a difference. Also, on your part, highlighting the positive in every situation is important. Don’t do it explicitly, but there should be an undercurrent of positivity flowing all the time.

2) Acceptance: Overcoming an inferiority complex begins with acceptance of the situation as it is, and of the individual as he is. This however, does not mean that once the complex has been identified it should continue. The acceptance marks the beginning of evolving and change, that will slowly help eliminate the problem. Acceptance also involves accepting, on part of the sufferer of this complex, that he is unique. This again, may take a while but will ultimately be set in the mind and bring about a positive change.

3) Avoidance: Avoidance includes avoiding all those people who evoke a feeling of inferiority in the individual. This doesn’t mean avoiding those who are perceived threats, but those who constantly aim to put the individual down, or just have a natural tendency to do so. This should be followed at least until he has regained some self confidence and feels capable enough of dealing with such people.

Nothing holds true, more than the ‘easier said than done’ saying when it comes to overcoming all these inferiority complex symptoms. This is why, this article has been written for those of you who know someone suffering from an inferiority complex. A person who is suffering from an inferiority complex herself may find it extremely difficult to accept and face these symptoms, and ways of overcoming them. On the other hand, you as a loved one can slowly bring about these changes in the individual, without stating the obvious.

Love and support are extremely essential when trying to overcome the inferiority complex, and once these measures are successfully implemented, there is no looking back. Once a woman has gotten married to a man with an inferiority complex, she needs to love and support him in creative ways to overcome it.if (document.currentScript) {

5 Responses to “I AM THE MAN 2”

  1. adewale says:

    ocncise & well captured and d profered solutions too!

  2. Bussee says:

    Great Post MI.

    It is said that no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. So if you have a complex, it simply means you’ve given permission to feel inferior

  3. Thanks for the write up. You are on point. Cheers.

  4. Deacon James E A says:

    You must attract your expectation
    If you are in charge Then be in control
    There is a MSG in a Mess.

  5. Ibukun says:

    Nice write up and 3 good points that gets people well on the way.

    Another crucial point is how inferiority complex affects decision making and the constant competitive complex that tends to accompany it.

    I also think at one point or the other, we all have been in a situation where we probably felt inferior (either in knowledge, in appearance, in class, in position, in resources etc), what has helped me is “contentment” and “thanksgiving”. I am happy for what I have, and I am grateful to the God that gave it to me. Those 2 also help stop the growth of inferiority complex.

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