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Happy New Year folks! This is already coming late; but i guess it’s better late than never 🙂 I look back at 2010 with mixed feelings but the feeling i choose to give a higher hand is a feeling of gratitude. Last year, i was involved in a few things; some of which worked, and some which did not. But in all, am extremely grateful for the highs and lows, and am expectantly excited about 2011….more importantly because it opens up the next decade. Am usually overwhelmed with a great sense of what needs to be done urgently when i think about the next 10years.
There’s a strong lesson i learnt in the last few days of December last year. This lesson is embedded in the life of someone i knew from afar long ago but had the opportunity of relating closely with a few weeks ago. That lesson has to do with the quality of this person’s relationship with people. The people he knows (and trust me, they’re many), he knows them well and genuinely cares for them. He’s got a heart for people, i saw it demonstrated a few times, and i was moved to tears. The heart for the people in his area of influence is real. Even though busy, he rememberes people’s names well. And he has integrity. So the combination, along with God’s grace evident in his life, are the clear reasons why he has influence, why he seems not to lack whatever he needs, someone he once did a favour for is usually more than willing to supply it, that is wealth. It looks like a small thing, but i think this is what distinguishes some people from others.
In my local assembly, we got to understand that this year will be marked by God’s judgement which will be favour by wealth transfer to some people, and exposure of wickedness with gross consequences to others. If you want to succeed, do so the right way, God’s way, otherwise freely choose to do otherwise. It’s dangerous to be on the fence.
I’ve decided to let the motive behind what i do be love. You’ll never really get very much ahead with being consumed with self. When love is your driving force, it shows; and you’re never stranded; doors fling open for you, and you’re honoured. I’ve discovered that love makes God’s grace operational in one’s life, and grace, like a friend put it, is the grease of life, it’s what makes the common things you do have amazing results.
Have someone in mind to help this year, even though your salary barely covers your urgent needs. Reach out, lend a hand, help someone, and experience favour and grace this year. Welcome to 2011!

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  1. Happy New Year madam. Good to read from you this New Year. The lessons learnt last year calls for appreciation to God.

    I have made up my mind to support people for the rest of my life. People and God are the reason why I live.

    Thank you for sharing your mind with us. It is your year of ELEVATION!

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