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Can you follow him?

Can you follow him?


Have you noticed that when a young girl, mostly a teenager starts having regular sex, her behaviour changes? Since someone she looked up to came as low as exposing what he will never show outside and sleeping with her, her perspective towards men generally changes. I’ve spoken with a number of them and i discovered that they have little or no respect for most men. That’s why some ladies will see their lecturers the same way they see their Uncles that defiled them.

Sex is amazing and beautiful….what is different is the after effect of it, the consequences and guilt that cannot be erased when it’s carried out outside marriage. Sex introduces a powerful dimension to every relationship in that it exposes a woman to her husband’s most vulnerable state and vice versa. Unless you value and respect the person who your partner is, having “seen him finish”, the intimacy overtime can create an unhealthy familiarity if not well managed, especially by the woman. I once heard two married women making fun of their husbands’ behaviour during sex, they compared notes and had a good laugh; i simply wondered how that discussion would not affect their perception of their husbands. I guess that’s why a lot of men say their wives no longer respect them especially for those who never started out that way.

Men, your wife has the capacity to make or ruin you. If you’re going out with that lady now and you’re head over heels in love with her but she doesn’t believe in or respect you much, in a few years, you’ll be on a fast lane downhill. Why? She has seen you at your weakest. Also, as a man, you will make a few errors before you record success; and if she’s always there, ready to say i told you, be sure that your self esteem and eventual success are unlikely to amount to much.

By God’s design, a man is the head of the home, no matter the kind of man he is. Every man simply has the power to choose with whom to build the home. If you think that time is running out and want to manage a man who you can’t follow his leadership (in career, raising children, business, spiritually, etc); you’ll soon outgrow him and become trapped, angry and irritable in an unhappy marriage; you’ll be amazed at how much havoc all that can cause; so i advise you to back out now!

If you’re already stuck in a marriage with a man who you sincerely cannot follow or take any advise from, do your best to help him improve his self esteem. He’s the head anyway, and disrespecting him is rebellion against God, so you need creative ways to get him to align with your point of view as if it originated from him. You deserve to be happy, and it will be better if you are with your spouse. I wish you all the best!

2 Responses to “Can you follow him?”

  1. It is better to follow God’s principles in relationship building that will eventually lead to a marriage.

    Abuse in relationships should be avoided at all course.

    Men respect ladies who are chaste in relationship.

    God help us to follow Him

  2. You are on point. I have always believed that people end up short changing themselve when they settle for less out of desperation.The best is worth waiting for.

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