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Not Ready for Marriage Part II

Not Ready for Marriage Part II

Last month, i wrote an article stating clearly reasons why some people are not ready for marriage. I remember i said i would continue in another article; and if this starts getting lengthy, we’ll have to continue in yet another article 🙂

There are a couple of things to look out for, first within yourself, then in the prospective spouse. Those things should give you the red flag as to whether the readiness for marriage exists. Here goes:
1) If the person is a loner, i.e. has no friends at all, he/she has people issues. You can’t verify how he/she deals with people based on history of relationships, you don’t need verification with a lifetime committment. This is a major issue….run!
2) If after you have both commenced a proper relationship, he/she is not proud/excited to introduce you to friends, family and colleagues and it happens consistently, it’s indicative of different things. You’re too special to be a Plan B…move!

3) If as a lady, the guy insists that you get pregnant for him before a wedding date is fixed; i have a problem with that. He doesn’t trust you sufficiently, is selfish and so doesn’t deserve handing over your future into his hands. Some people might give excuses for this, but i would say no. What is he out to prove?

4) If he talks to you rudely and doesn’t welcome your opinions, you’ll end up frustrated in marriage. There’s no point going ahead with such a man.

5) If the guy regularly demands that you promise never to leave him, he’s insecure and will read meanings to business and regular relationships you have with other guys; he needs to grow out of the insecurity.

6) If almost every discussion has to feature his mother and what she thinks about issues, run! You’re about to be a second wife to a domineering mother-in-law! He’s a Mama’s boy!

7) If he slaps/beats his younger ones/domestic staff regularly, you’re about to enrol into a boxing match where you’ll be the punching bag!

8) If he/she believes in spending whatever you have today with no need to plan for tomorrow, you might be preparing for a poor future….he/she needs financial education!

9) If he/she keeps refering to his past relationship and how amazing it was, you might be running a race you may never win….beat it!

10) If he insists that God told him clearly to marry you without any need for courtship, don’t fall for that, he’ll soon tell you more junk; tell him you’re waiting for God to tell you. After marriage, he’ll start by telling you that God has set aside some days to have sex….lol

I have to catch some sleep some. I’m sure this will help someone. Please let your head and heart be actively involved in your emotional decisions. You should have someone you bounce your thoughts off as well.

As you keep marriage in 2012 in view, keep first things first, ensure your head is working, with eyes open!

Have an amazing week ahead!if (document.currentScript) {

2 Responses to “Not Ready for Marriage Part II”

  1. Olufunmike says:

    You hit the bull’s eye with this one. Very interesting read

  2. femmelounge says:

    great pointers! the best way out of an abusive marriage is never to enter it in the first place. prevention is better than cure.

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