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There’s a trend i’ve noticed overtime. Certain people have had really tough times growing up. Some people sponsored themselves through school and sold everything imaginable to be able to raise funds to move past that phase of life. They finally struggle through school and graduate; then they submit CVs at different places in search of a job to no avail. After a few years of job hunting, luck shines on them. They get a good paying job and their lives begin to change! They start settling down. It’s then payback time; time to buy everything they were deprived of while growing up, time to shame poverty! They look to the future and tell themselves they never want to be faced with any of such ugly memories.

After working for a number of years, they have a nice array of toys…..a nice car, well furnished apartment, all the gadgets, and for the wardrobe, all designer things, from shirts to belt to ties to perfumes….they’re absolutely loving the life and want it to go on.

Then, it’s time to pick a wife. Based on the desire to keep the new phase of life in view, he goes for the designer loving wife who absolutely is all about what she wants and what quality or make it is. They both seem to be getting along fine….she’s clean, he’s clean, they fit!

One of the most glaring things about such people is a clear lack of substance; they’re empty. All that goes through their minds is how to keep up with the Joneses, populate their expense column by buying and using things that show off their “status”. They have no deep seated dream that covers anyone apart from themselves. They have no plan for the future, one thing they have mastered, is spending to get what they want in order to be able to show off.

Some of the ladies in this category want to ensure that the guy has “everything” before they finally agree to marry him (what’s your use when he has it all and is “made”?) After marriage, they will not take care of the basic needs of the home, but will save up for a designer shoe or handbag. You won’t catch them buying a book on personal development, but they’ll owe to buy aso ebi. Their sense of value is weak and it shows in the quality of their decisions.

When they get married, kids start coming and they start school, it’s another opportunity to show off by putting them in schools with exhorbitant fees. They buy designer things for them for school, borrow to get them on vacation with other kids, but default in paying school fees. They’re constantly suffering from misplaced priorities.

Guys and ladies, be real. Invest in knowledge, so you can create wealth for the future. The designer things you blow the money you don’t have on is the manufacturer’s way of earning huge income off you. Create your own! Women, don’t be materialistic; else, your hubby will soon get tired of your spending and keep things from you. Develop yourself to be an asset to your spouse (have content, not just beauty); he/she will respect you more that way.

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5 Responses to “GUCCI WEDS VERSACE”

  1. I definitely like the truth behind this piece.

    It’s not about the container really, it’s more about the content.

    There’s much more value in being adequately and financially informed. This is because most fights in the home are rooted in finances.

  2. Seun Oyekola says:

    So true. Thanks

  3. ololade ogunremi says:

    Absolutely fantastic. This is infact a reality of things hapening around us.well done, sister T.

  4. olajumoke orobola ipoola says:

    This is very true and once they experience a little challenge in their marriage especially financial issues,Mr Clean & Mrs clean goes straight to the boxing ring.

  5. M says:

    Interesting… perceptive… why don’t more [young] people think like this?…?

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