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Are you Dating or Married to an Intimidating Hummer?

Are you Dating or Married to an Intimidating Hummer?


It’s been an amazing 10 weeks back to back of online radio series with Praise Fowowe on issues concerning relationships for singles and married people. We have treated topics like child sexual abuse, househelps, Gucci weds Versace, Understanding the major differences between men and women, etc. We have experienced growth in attendance at the webinars and we’ve also received very heart warming feedback from people who have attended so far. We’ve had people attend from different parts of the world, and we have only just begun. It’s been fulfilling and fun!

Last friday, we started a ┬áseries on temperaments and this series will last for about 8weeks, because the topic is so major and has the capacity to make or mar relationships. The topic for last week was “Are you dating or married to an Intimidating Hummer”? It was very eye opening for people that attended and i just thought to share a few of the points we discussed and link you to the webinar for further details. Several relationships have broken down, many marriages are on the brink of a break up as a result of this temperament issue; it’s so vital it is not wise to take it lightly. Understand it, and manage it.

A fundamental reason why people have issues with their relationships or marriages is because they have not even been able to answer the question, “Who am I?” We have loads of people who are battling with an identity; and this affects how they see situations. As long as you don’t understand your make up, you will become critical and dogmatic about your point of view and see others as wrong or abnormal. We see things the way we are, not the way they are. This question, “Who am I”? is a whole training session. We are committing to taking a free offline session in Lagos for those interested in participating. If you’re interested, pls send your name, email address, phone no, and location to, pls title the mail “Offline Finance and Romance”.

In life, everyone is on a journey that requires the use of one or more of the following brands of cars and that is responsible for the coinages we have for temperament types:

1) Intimidating Hummer

2) Creative Convertible

3) Dependable Truck

4) Systematic Ford


Intimidating Hummer

This is an extrovert; the Choleric temperament. This is the temperament that thrives on Power and Significance as well as authority and freedom. Are you one that starts many projects and they never get completed? Or is your partner like that? Is he insensitive to feelings? Is he too serious/takes everything as a battle? It’s ironic however, that such a powerful, ambitious or visionary person has hidden fears on the inside or serious insecurity.

We took a detailed look at the CV/Intimidating Profile of the Intimidating Hummer, and some of the points include his/her work zones, power zones, fears, motivation and expectations from people.

We had DJ Flatzy with us in the studio who gave us nice love songs! Do you wanna listen to the full show? To view the recorded show online, go

If you want to be a part of the next live show this Friday, 20th July, 2012, at 9pm Nigerian Time when we’ll be concluding the talk about the Intimidating Hummer, log on to

Finance and Romance; Watch out for more exciting topics!!!}

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