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Last week, I got talking to a lady who recently got a job in a location not too far from where she lived, not long after resuming at the new place, she moved house to an area very far from where she was before. I got curious and asked why she had to move house, also considering the fact that her salary could not sustain the fare to her new ‘home’. She first told me she just felt like moving house. It was after I asked if she was under any kind of pressure that she confessed that her brother-in-law daily disturbed her for sex, knocked on her room door, called her phone so she could allow him into her room every night. She hoped it would stop, or at least, her sister would notice; but when nothing like that happened, she had to choose to either bow to pressure or move out. She chose the latter.

I then began to think about those ladies who have no other place to move to, and have to either keep resisting the pressure for as long as it takes or succumb to it. Unfortunately, succumbing to the pressure, no matter how much it is, always amounts to a loss more for the woman.

I sure have heard so many cases like this over and over again; but I feel compelled to write about it this time. Is it a crime to stay with your sister while you try to get a footing in life? Why would a man go for his wife’s sister? What’s the compelling force behind it? Is it this same sex drive or a temporary loss of reason? For the lady faced with this challenge, what do you think she should do? Do you think she should inform her sister after she must have left the house? Let’s have your thoughts…..

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7 Responses to “Brother-In-Lust”

  1. Grace Bako says:

    This is lust and evil. If i were the lady, i will look for an opportunity to tell my sister with of course prayers. That is after packing out of the house.


    First I think this is the height of irresponsibility on the part of the brother in law. What demon would push a man to put his family, his well-being, marriage and the happiness of all he holds dear on the line for a so called `temporary loss of reason’ or an `unbridled sex drive’. If only for the purpose of finding a solution or `pouring cold water’ on her brother-in-lust’s demonic `sex drive’ I think the lady should tell her sister `for all its worth’. I say for all its worth because, trust women, her sister may not believe her. She may decide to trust her lying husband, a situation which may put the lady’s relationship with her sister in jeopardy. At least our lady would have done her part to discourage a future attempt.

  3. Adejoke Lawal says:

    It is a very good topic to discuss. No 1, it must have been very difficult for this lady, i sympathize with her. 2, i would have love to advise her to tell her sister, but the sister may not believe her most especially if she really loves her hubby, also if this man is an intimidating hummer or bully. 3, this cruel man is not in love but lust, i am not going to judge anyone but probably, the man is being denied of sex at home or the sister has taken over the sister’s responsibilities by doing all the house chores that the woman should have done. 4, the ladies has done the right the thing by moving away, for ladies that cannot afford to move away, if they tell the woman, they should be prepared to move out anyway. instead, they should pray, look for somebody that could talk to the sister and take it from there, better still, the lady could set a trap for the man that will expose him to the sister. either way she should prepare for the worse. Joseph flee the house of Potiphar in bible, so resist the Devil and he will flee from you. my prayer is that, our husbands will have the fear of God and be contented with us and stick to the vow I DO. However, it could be vise-vasa

  4. Abiodun Oluokun says:

    Thanks Sis, I like this question: it is a rather common occurrence and has been happening since thousands of years ago. However in my opinion based on God’s word that has an answer to all questions…. I will say the lady staying with her sister needs
    to save her life first. Flee every appearances of evil… 1 Thess 5:22. (Remember the story of Joseph and Portiphar’s wife.) Adultery is a sin you don’t want to fall for cheaply, just because your sister’s husband did not have self control. So I advice sister to save herself first FLEE don’t let someone else ruin your life go and live with a friend instead. As informing your sister is concerned, I’ll advise the sister really needs to be wise to know if her sister who is the wife will be able to deal with the situation; some sisters are not reasonable and would take sides with their husband once he denies it. So speak to someone your sister respects so much preferably her spiritual superior like her pastor who can guide her on what to do. You don’t want to be the reason to a broken home so wisdom is required on who you speak to. If you have no where to go either like a friend. Don’t keep quiet and give in under pressure, because there is always a way to do the right thing. Speak to a counselor or a pastor if you have one.

  5. Anu says:

    This article takes us back to the one in April-sex,is it a big deal.

    Until when the repercussion for having sex outside marriage becomes immediate, men(especially) and women will not learn our lessons.

    Brother-in-lust! Zip up else thunder strikes your zipper and it’s content!!!

  6. Taiwo Fakayode says:

    The lady in question has done the right thing, by leaving the house to another place. personally i have seen the man in question to be theif (ole, Olojukokoro) he is not contempted with what he has and deside to eat his wife at his face. it is very very wrong and if the he did not persist from such, he may end up chasing his oun product at the end of the day. meanwhile let pray for the man and encorage the wife to try and adjust in her dressing,adjust in her neetness bcos i discover many of the women we have today are very lazy even to take good care of themselfs which kill the beauty inside them and etc.

  7. wright says:

    Hmmmm God only is the one that can help in this age we are in now, so many things are going wrong and it only would take the grace of God to overcome some of these things, well as for the lady she’s lucky to have fled and she had a safe haven for those that don’t have such haven’s they end up giving in to the threats, wel i wouldn’t advice she tells her sister cause of so many obvious reasons but pray to God and in one way or the other indirectly draw her suster’s attention to that area cause the sister might not have taken note of the husband’s character inthat area. God help us all in this trying times.

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