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Dating Singles: How Far is Too Far?

Dating Singles: How Far is Too Far?

how far is too far


Recently, I wrote about setting boundaries for dating couples who have physical touch as their primary love language. But I think I wrote with an assumption that people know where to draw the lines. On deeper thought, I’ve seen that people act in different ways for different reasons. Some people know what’s right, but they give justification for whatever else they ‘choose’ to do.

If you ask me what the boundaries should be for people dating, here are my thoughts: No kissing, no petting (light or heavy) and definitely no sex (oral, vaginal, anal). In the next few lines, I’ll show you my thoughts and why…..

Whatever you are not comfortable with him or her doing with someone else he’s not legally married to, don’t do it with him or her”. If you do, you have opened a door. Don’t complain in the future when someone else uses that door. In other words, whatever you term as ‘wrong’ being done by your yet to be married partner to another person, don’t do it to her while you’re not married to her. Respect that, marriage gives complete ownership of the other person’s heart, soul and body.

You think heavy petting is ok before marriage? Imagine him heavy petting or French kissing your friend or sister after being married to you.

You think a BJ is not sexual? Imagine her giving your best friend a BJ after being married to you. Let’s not kid ourselves, what’s not accepted outside marriage is universal whether you subscribe to my bible or not.

So, next time you think about boundaries, think along those lines…..share this with as many people as you love; it will ‘rearrange’ their perception of right and wrong and help them zip it till the day they say I do!

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