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Things We Wish We Knew Before Marriage…..

Things We Wish We Knew Before Marriage…..



I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again. I was friends with my husband for 10years, was in relationship with him for 5years, still, the first year of our Marriage was ‘discovery channel’ for me. I got some shocks!This series is based on the experiences of myself and collated from several married people. It addresses cogent topics; things we kinda wish we knew before getting married. I’m certain this will be helpful for single and married peeps. Today, am simply introducing the series….

Because am passionate about marriage and relationships generally, and I’ve counselled single and married, i know that everyone desires a happily ever after life after marriage. No one gets married hoping to be miserable or to make their spouse miserable.

Most people recognize the need for education in all other pursuits of life but fail to recognize that need when it comes to marriage. Hence, society has lots of people successful in their careers, but who fail woefully in marriage.

Against the backdrop of the fact that most marriages that go through divorce do so within the first 7years of marriage (according to research), I’ll advise every single and people with marriages less than 7years to pay particular attention to this series.

In this side of the world, we can spend big on the wedding; but understanding that investing time to thoroughly prepare for life after the wedding is extremely important.

Are you as excited about this series as I am? So, my dear people, follow me on this journey. Let’s learn and grow, let’s fortify ourselves such that our marriages become impenetrable! By God’s help, we can!

Have a blessed week!}

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