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We Wish We Knew……the Importance of ...

No assumptions


Don’t mind me, i couldn’t resist using this picture yet again!

Back in the days when men were mostly on the field and women took care of the home, there was very little confusion about who did what; roles were pretty clear. But these days when women can get to the top of the corporate ladder just like men or even achieve more, there’s a need to define roles within the home. This is vital as it can be a major source of conflict in the early months of marriage.

We Wish We Knew……..That Apologizing Is...

Apologizing as a sign of strength


In Africa where I come from, men are not used to apologizing to anyone, let alone women even when it’s glaring they’re wrong. I dare say that a good number of us grew up seeing our fathers as the ‘king of the jungle’. Their word was law and you probably never saw them display any sign of weakness; let alone apologize!

We Wish We Knew the Value of Listening in Conflict...



In my last note, I mentioned that conflicts have a potential of destroying an evening, a week, a month, or a lifetime!

We wish we knew…..How to resolve disagreemen...


I found this picture hilarious, i just had to use it! Pls don’t tell me it doesn’t go with the title! lol! Now to today’s gist……..

I and hubby grew up in similar backgrounds; so I never really thought we would have major disagreements. When we were in courtship, we seemed extremely compatible and agreeable most times.