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We wish we knew…..How to resolve disagreements without Arguing

We wish we knew…..How to resolve disagreements without Arguing


I found this picture hilarious, i just had to use it! Pls don’t tell me it doesn’t go with the title! lol! Now to today’s gist……..

I and hubby grew up in similar backgrounds; so I never really thought we would have major disagreements. When we were in courtship, we seemed extremely compatible and agreeable most times.

The first few years of our marriage were not as agreeable. He probably felt at some point that I was not being logical; I felt at some other times that he was being quite demanding and insensitive too! Does that sound familiar to someone?

A marriage is made up of individuals who have different desires, likes and dislikes, and different things that please and irritate them. Our history, values and personality greatly influence who we become, and we turn out differently! So, certainly, marriages will have conflicts.

It reminds me of a couple who the wife buzzed me to say the husband was too serious! He was either always reading, or doing some work on his laptop. He felt she was too unserious, in that she spent her ‘free time’ watching TV, saying that was her way of relaxing. This little topic became a really sore point in their marriage. She believed that this man was going to make her die of misery and was a wrong choice for her!

Note that Conflicts are not a sign that you have married the wrong person. It simply confirms the fact that we’re human. We tend to assume that our ideas are the best. Interestingly, our spouses feel the same about their ideas too!

Some conflicts are minor while some will be major. A scenario where a spouse decides that a travel overseas for a 3yr course is the way to go and the partner sees it as unnecessary can cause a major conflict. Whether large or small, all conflicts have the potential of destroying an evening, a week, a month, or a lifetime!

We’ll continue with this point in my next post. I remain committed to your marital success!


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