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We Wish We Knew……..That Apologizing Is A Sign Of Strength

We Wish We Knew……..That Apologizing Is A Sign Of Strength

Apologizing as a sign of strength


In Africa where I come from, men are not used to apologizing to anyone, let alone women even when it’s glaring they’re wrong. I dare say that a good number of us grew up seeing our fathers as the ‘king of the jungle’. Their word was law and you probably never saw them display any sign of weakness; let alone apologize!

 Because of this background, many men shut their wives down because they feel that women are a bag of emotions who can’t address issues logically. Women with strong personalities also don’t like to apologize, they remain adamant on their stance against their ‘cool’ husbands. After the ‘damage’ has been done by such sturrbonness, they both withdraw and give each other the ‘silent treatment’. 

 Somewhere along the line, time passes and things kinda ‘go back to normal’.

 Time passes, things ‘go back to normal’ but the issues are usually never addressed. The person who is wrong doesn’t admit it, and doesn’t apologize with a committment to change for the better.

 I dare say there is NO healthy marriage without apology and forgiveness. We are all humans and sometimes say demeaning things to each other, these unloving actions and words create emotional barriers which DO NOT go away with time. TIME doesn’t heal it! Addressing it does……this happens when the ‘guilty’ apologizes and the offended chooses to forgive.

 We’ll take this point further in my next note. Enjoy the weekend!

 I remain committed to your marital success!

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