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We Wish We Knew……..That Money Matter Is A Serious Matter!

We Wish We Knew……..That Money Matter Is A Serious Matter!

money in marriage


Many dating couples or people in courtship never really discuss HOW they’ll handle their finances after marriage. They just assume that they’ll figure it out.

Many people believe that once at least one of the two parties in the marriage has a job and steady pay, they don’t need to plan their finances as the money is barely enough anyway. They just earn and spend, borrow to augment things, then wait for the next pay!

Also, each party based on differences in backgrounds has different ideas about what is necessary or unnecessary to buy. Once there’s no alignment to a very good degree, the issue of finances becomes a battlefield.

To avoid lots of issues, it’s important to develop a financial plan before marriage, and the more disciplined or detailed person would need to ensure compliance. Not everyone can stand working with numbers, some spouses can’t be bothered about calculating or budgeting, but they can spend the money WELL…….

The first foundational stone in developing a financial plan is to agree that after marriage, it will no longer be “my money” and “your money” but “our money”.

I’m sure some people are already ready to crucify me, not because the concept is wrong, but because either they or their spouse are ill informed about the real intent of marriage or myopic, and would rather run their finances at parallel so each person can satisfy his/her agenda.

I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again; that marriage is not for toddlers or babies, who seek their agenda and don’t care about what happens to any other person.

At the heart of marriage is the desire for unity. “For better or for worse,” is one of the committments we make to each other on our wedding day. The implication is that we will share our income and work as a team, deciding what to do with our money.

Working as a team also means that his or her debts will become “ours”, and his/her savings become our savings. Quite honestly, if you’re not ready for this kind of unity, you’re not ready for marriage, simple!

For people who may disagree with me, feel free . But you’ll agree that for you to disagree, trust is missing in that relationship, and once trust is missing, it no longer becomes the ideal or a basis to counter the real design of marriage.

We’ll wrap this up in the next article……

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