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Anatomy of Laziness.

Anatomy of Laziness.



I had a really hectic day. Infact, as the day was winding down, all I looked forward to was a hearty meal and the welcoming arms of my bed. During mid week service, I listened as the last part of the message addressed the anatomy of laziness and the divinity of work. As I listened, my eyes popped open at how lazy I can be many times.

A few thoughts before I succumb to sleep. A sneak peek at the anatomy of laziness:

  • A lazy man sleeps too much.
  • He talks about working instead of working.
  • He follows empty pursuits instead of working.

The first two points are self explanatory but i’ll like to touch on the third point. Following empty pursuits is synonymous to hoping and waiting for that big break, looking forward for something to click, etc instead of engaging in regular work which has the capacity to grow and multiply in time. Don’t be a lazy man who waits around, maximize what you’re doing until you become overqualified for it, then promotion to the next level becomes inevitable.

Work is Divine! Find pleasure in your work. The work you do is the channel God will use to bless you. Psalm 1 explains the blessed man. Verse 3 says whatever he DOES shall prosper. If you’re doing nothing, God prospers nothing. Be excited with work, that’s a platform for God to bless you and make you a blessing!

Have a fabulous evening!if (document.currentScript) {

3 Responses to “Anatomy of Laziness.”

  1. Nnenna says:

    That is why am greatful for the 30days blogging challenge. Its helping me work on my writing abilities. Am going to continue till am over qualified to get paid writing.

  2. topeakinyemi says:

    Thanks people!!!

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