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Are You Counting?

Are You Counting?


I’ve been swamped with a lot lately that I almost began to ‘complain’. I discovered then that if I concentrate on the things that really stress me out, I’ll lose sight of the rare opportunities I have, even if today’s world. As we round up the month August and look forward to the ember months, I decided to count my blessings!

I am thankful that:

I have a husband who clearly adores me, and never passes by any opportunity to express it.

I am blessed with children who are constantly reassured by my daily hugs, chitchat and prayers. To them, I’m the best mum and woman in the world!

I can choose to create time for counselling or a movie on a Monday morning and have a business meeting on a Sunday. Even though my plate is full, I have good control over my time.

If I so wish, I can go back to bed for an extra hour or two after the kids have gone to school.

I can walk to and from my place of work, and my children’s school; home, work, school, are about 5-7mins walk from each other.

I can sleep at 2am and be up before 6am and still be strong and alert enough for a full tasking day.

I am blessed with a circle of family friends who hold me accountable, watch my back and are there for me.

I am privileged to be of help to the several people who send me ‘thank you’ messages because they benefit from my regular broadcasts and notes, one on one and group sessions.

Think of the little things in your life and be grateful.

Are you still reading? Oya, count your blessings joor!!!}

One Response to “Are You Counting?”

  1. Nnenna says:

    Thank God for my handsome prince charming

    thank God for the children of my youth which he has given me

    thank God for the love shown me daily from family friends and even total strangers

    thank God for the priviledge to be a blessing to people in his vine yard

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