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stones and pebbles

I was recently chatting with my husband and he made me see that there’s a tendency for me to fall into the ‘trap’ of joining people to believe that I’m extremely busy. I took offence a bit, justifiably so! My schedule many times can be really choked up, having something to sort out almost every time.

He told me that even though I can justify by ‘busyness’, there is still capacity to do more. He made a statement that ‘lit up my mind’. He told me to imagine our schedule in the next 2-5years. Simply scaling up what we’re doing in the next 5 years blows up my schedule, not to talk of new things that will still come up to take up my time!

Here’s a reason why I don’t like to use the phrase, “I’m busy”. When I take a look at some people who are doing sooo much more, then I need to shut up really.

So, if you’re single and always say you’re busy, like me, pls shut up!

If you’re married, have a tasking job but do no other thing really other than lounge in the evenings and all weekends, pls shut up! (No vex, I tell myself that)

If you’re self employed and have a few people working for you, there’s still more you can do. Whatever phase you’re in where you feel really chocked, you need to re-prioritize. Keep first things first. There’s always space for more.

This chat brings to my mind the illustration of trying to fit in pebbles, rocks, sand, water into a jar. It becomes an impossible experience once we don’t prioritize, the experience is frustrating if we start well and don’t follow through. We must know what to take on, shelve or put till later. It’s all about creating time for a balance of work and relaxation. Bring it on, you can do much more!!!if (document.currentScript) {

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