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Choose Your Battles!

Choose Your Battles!



No marriage is devoid of challenges. In every relationship/marriage, you simply have an opportunity to choose your battles. What do I mean by this?

Everyone has issues, or areas to work on; but some people need help in more important areas than others, and people with ‘critical’ issues end up becoming a liability in marriage. I see the need to help you shine some light on your path, so you can make informed desicions as regards marriage.

In my opinion, one of the most unnecessary and avoidable battles people plug their heads into is the one involving differences in faith or belief systems of spouses. Already, you will get married to someone from a different background, there’s no point adding this major difference to it.

I’ve seen people, years into their marriage mock their spouses, or treat flimsily, their faith. Some people see prophets and imams without their spouse’s knowledge to spiritually deal with issues. If you cannot together face your challenges on the basis of a common faith, you’re carrying a heavy load!

Life itself is full of battles. Why not united in faith, face the battles, fight and win or lose? At least, you would have fought as one!

“Two are better than one, for they have a good reward for their labour……..” (Ecc 4:9-10)

If you are together and lose, fight again, in the end, you will win!

By the way, Singles Uncensored today was off the hook! I’ll be posting pictures and giving you gist about how it went. Stay tuned……..!

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  1. Nnenna says:

    Differences in faith is another issue ooo ma. God will help his people

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