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Kids Know Better…….

Kids Know Better…….



The things that crowd our minds as adults are simply amazing; they just have the capacity to really complicate things. The need to pay the bills, live up to societal expectations, create impressions in what schools we send our kids too and the lifestyle we want to create for them, etc can be overwhelming if we succumb to them. Going that route can be exhausting and so unfulfilling. Before you wonder at my ranting, let me share what I mean by sharing a few experiences with you.

My daughter will be 10 real soon and I have been ‘racking’ my head as to how the birthday will go, the loads of people in my growing guest list and stuff like that. As i sat with a sister of mine to draw out the birthday plan, I casually asked my daughter what kind of birthday she wanted. Her answer stopped me in my tracks. I had to ask her again. She said she would like to swim with friends on her birthday, and maybe have some ice cream. Really? I asked if she was sure. Affirmative. Wow! And I was here moping about a heavy budget which before then I was sure was what she wanted.

Scenario 2. Today was my niece’s 4th birthday. We went to see a movie, went to a kiddies park where we played loads of games and had fun. Afterwards, we went to have some pizza and ice cream. Apart from the fact that she barely ate, when she was given a drink, she opted for water, and she was dead serious about it! She drank nothing until water came. Wow. My son made a comment that this was his best day ever. Na wah!

It takes my mind to times when i buy expensive toys, clothes or things for them. It’s either those ones get spoilt quickly, get lost, or they get tired of them. The cheap things, seem to last forever! I’m getting a strong message here. When God says we should approach God’s kingdom as little children, it’s an all encompassing statement. Children have no airs, don’t want to make an impression. They’re free and have fun, and are so simply ‘innocently believing’.

Some parents cheat at work, sleep with the boss, neglect the kids, mess up themselves and say they’re doing it for the kids. SHUT UP! They don’t have to go to “that school” if you can’t really afford it, they don’t have to ‘appear’ in a certain way. They need your love.

By the way, my kids looooove Garri; meaning i can be broke and they’ll be happy. Can we learn from these children? I am learning to create good balance. God bless!

4 Responses to “Kids Know Better…….”

  1. Wale says:

    Word! Word! Word!

  2. nnenna says:

    honestly it is in those seemingly little act a love that matters to children. awesome beings!

  3. topeakinyemi says:

    They are truly awesome! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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