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Oga at the top


I know we’re almost getting into a new month and I bet there’s something you must have heard so much of already; so much you must be tired of it already!

It’s the topic of goal setting. I know you probably set financial goals and co at the beginning of the year, or even last month; but there’s a trend I’m finding increasingly worrisome, it’s the ‘gap’ that regularly exists and widens between singles in relationship/courtship as well as married people.

Lemme tell you what I mean. Couples set goals seperately but hardly sit together to review it regularly. If you plan to get married or are married, you should sit down and discuss the future. If you’re married, you’ve still got a whole life ahead; talk about it, make regular adjustments until you align!

So many people in relationship are not on the same page spiritually, mentally, intellectually and they don’t see a big deal in that. Is it that they don’t expect their lives together to amount to much ultimately?

Just maybe that’s why some men would rather keep ‘madam’ at home when going for meetings that are intellectually stimulating. They grow apart, and get to discover only when it is late……

Men, I encourage you while it’s still early, carry your partner along. Grow together. The effect is simply beautiful…..

Welcome to September, and may be a September to Remember!

Have a wonderful week too!if (document.currentScript) {

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  1. Wale says:

    Hmm.. This is truly important o.. So help me God.

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