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Showing Affection…..

Showing Affection…..



I once had a short write up on my Face book wall about different ways parents show love to their children. My main thrust was that it’s not very healthy for parents to kiss their children on the lips, and I tried to explain why. The reason is very simple. The lips are private to anyone, young or old. What makes a part of the body private? It’s not “allowed” or it’s unhealthy for anyone to touch or “play with” that part of the body.

Take for instance a Dad/Mum waves off what I just wrote and says I am not only on my own, but that blood is thicker than water, and they will show affection to their children anyway they please. Guess what? The children see the acts as shown out of love, and if tomorrow, an “uncle” (or these days “aunty”) decides to show love same way, making the child see that he/she loves them as much as their parents, why will they not be allowed? Why won’t they go further to abuse the innocent, impressionable children? OR Why will we not kiss the same children on the lips over 15-20 years down the line when they graduate from College or when they come home with a fiance(e)? What would have changed? Are they not still our children? What makes it “not right” then?

Parents, let’s respect these children’s privacy absolutely, the same way we want them to respect ours. We can kiss them on the cheeks, neck, forehead, but please, leave the lips for their spouse. When adults kiss on the lips, the blood flows faster than normal, and the hands don’t stay still. Let’s allow these children grow healthy and let’s not switch on “things” or set them up for predators in the name of showing them affection.

We are stewards, they are God’s children. We need to train them like people who will give account. God will help us. Have an amazing day!}

2 Responses to “Showing Affection…..”

  1. Nnenna says:

    Clearly understood. Thanks

  2. Wale says:

    Well argued. Well done ma

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