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Happy New Month People!

As i reflect on the past 8 months of this year, i am extremely grateful to God for several opportunities to learn what i have been learning, and be a blessing to even many more people. It’s an awesome privilege! Out of the gratitude i feel, my heart wells up as i pray these prayers for you:

1) That this new month, you will experience success that beats that of the past 8months hand down.

2) That where people see challenges, you will see opportunities.

3) That you will lack the capacity to be self centered, and as you do that and help others succeed, your success will also boom!

4) That you will consciously meet people who you will add value to, and in doing that, doors will open to make your life advance!

5) That you will listen and apply your heart to wisdom!

6) That much more than the things you acquire, your life will count!

7) That your community, your workplace, and people surround you will know that you belong to God, by your saying it, and the life you live.

8) That your words will bring healing and wholeness to the people you speak to.

9) That your eyes will be opened to see God in the midst of the challenges you are in.

10) That you will render your members unemployable to sin, but available to live for righteousness.

Did I hear a resounding Amen? I’m revving to go, this September is already exciting!

God bless you!if (document.currentScript) {

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