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I engage different people from time to time. Many of them see that I have a full plate and really get to juggle several things; businesses, ministry and church work, family and these are simply broad headings to what I do. So from time to time, depending on where I am or who I relate with, I get asked different kinds of questions. Here are some examples:

You have your own company right?

Do you now have your own ministry?

Do you have your own business?

There seem to be several children around you; how many of them are really your own? Two right?

I’m sure you must be a proud owner of several assets, right?

Honestly, I have found it regularly difficult to give a quick response of ‘yes’ to any of these questions. Recently, I have begun to see much clearly and definitively, the reason why.

Take a look at some Obituaries we’ve been seeing lately. How many people spoke about what the deceased OWNED? How many people remember MKO Abiola for his wealth? If you checked any corpse before the body is committed to the grave, you would notice that they left with nothing. So I wonder, really wonder why we ever claim at any point in time while alive, that we OWN anything.

Yeah right, someone is saying…….why you no kuku sell all you have and give it all the poor since you’re anti-wealth? Let me shed a little light on this. We own NOTHING. At best, we hold and mange assets and resources in custody until it gets transferred to another steward once we’re out of the scene. We are Stewards. We don’t OWN, we MANAGE them. NEVER lose sight of that. It sure helps keep your head right. The Rich Fool in the bible lost it for a bit. He not only owned wealth, it owned him.

Someone may be saying, “It’s because you have, that’s why you’re philosophizing”. This has nothing to do with whether what you have is much or little. Your attitude of ownership has to change to stewardship; and when you handle little faithfully, God will give you more (to manage, not OWN; mindset is key). An example is the parable of the talents. I’ll say that there are people who OWN a simple job and the people ‘without’ around them cannot ‘see road’….lol

We don’t own (our) children, God gave them to us, they’re His; we’re blessed to be the vehicle. God gave assets and resources. How will someone says he owns a ministry or Church? It’s the Church of Jesus! And I seriously tremble at this great responsibility!

Please pause and think. Let’s have all these in perspective. If we do remember that we own nothing, we will treat all things as one who will give account.

God Bless!

2 Responses to “I OWN NOTHING……”

  1. Wonderful piece. We are care givers, not owners of anything in this world. Ebenezer Obey amply reminded us in one of his evergreen songs…… Aye laba, aye l’ao fi sile si….If we all have this at the back of our mind we shall all be good and nice to our neighbours and live a righteous life ‘cos these will outlive us and become our legacy.

  2. kayode Onigbogi says:

    Hmmm! Ododo oro! May God help us to continually have this steward mindset. God bless you ma, for this wonderful piece.

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