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What Would They Say?

What Would They Say?



I am blessed, and I don’t take it for granted. This state of blessedness has nothing to do with my Asset base or balance sheet. It has nothing to do with my background, degrees, or the countries of the world I have visited.

Yes, it has everything to do with a few people I have met and are friends with. Many of them don’t give me material things, but I value every opportunity to spend time with them. Some of them are older, some are contemporaries, others are younger. I do not take them for granted at all. The reason why I hold it altogether and remain ‘sane’ is because of the quality of these people. Being with them makes me think; keeps me positive and upbeat, excited and exuberant about life!

Today, i was at a mentorship session with a larger group of friends and colleagues and a few people shared their funeral feedbacks. It was one of the things we were given as assignments and a few people in the ‘large’ class were given an opportunity to share theirs. This is supposed to be what we want to say or write about us at our funeral. At a point when the third person was reading his, i was in tears. All of a sudden, afresh, money and everything it can buy lost importance.

What people shared was a sharp contrast to what we spend majority of our lives running after. What are you running after? What is your biggest desire? What if in response to your endless cry, prayer and fasting for a car, God asked for your life, would that desire change?

As I wrap up this article, I’ll like to extend the same assignment to you. Can you sit down in the corner of your room alone, eyes closed, and think about what you want people to say about you? Spouse, family, colleagues, community, church? Pause and write. This exercise has the capacity to automatically cause our priorities to change. I’ll post my funeral feedback and one or two others in one of my next articles.

In the meantime, I’ll admonish you to live your life with the end in mind. Write your funeral feedback.

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