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Guy, Which One You Dey?

Guy, Which One You Dey?



Recently, i was speaking with a woman who was lamenting about her husband. Sure, her kind of story isn’t strange; infact, it’s becoming alarmingly common. What was her issue? Her husband, after working for a couple of years at a different state, felt that he could do better relocating and being his own boss; infact, he and his colleagues had discussed about how bad the system was and how much freedom and money they would have once they stepped out as entrepreneurs…….

Eventually, he resigned, stayed away, and kept sending messages home that he was working on some projects. He was away for another 8months, and had to return when he became penniless. Today, 2years after, he’s worse off inspite of advice to get another job in the meantime. Why? Is it because entrepreneurship is bad? Of course Not! It’s because he lacks the decisiveness, drive, willpower, staying power to select a business venture, start it, run with it, and stay with it till something begins to happen. He’s been chilling at home doing nothing! His wife has a well paying job so he slipped into a comfort zone. You can imagine the rest…..Do you have this mindset? Or do you have anyone who does? Take a look at this:

Your plan when you started that job was to spend 3years there, but as we speak, you have been unhappily at it for 11years, not growing on the job, not valuable to your boss…..

Your business nko? You complain about how your choice of business was a big mistake yet, you’ve been at it for over 3years but not without bouts of complaints. Your marriage? Let’s not go there…..

Take this meat and eat, you say no, na bone. Oya drop it, you say no, say e get small meat for bodi. Chai! Na wah for you o!

Don’t act weak. Take responsibility for all your decisions and maximize where you are per time. That is one power God has given us all; the power of choice. Every decision comes with a price to pay. Take it, or leave it for real, don’t complain. For every decision made, there MUST be down times. May God strengthen you through the down times.

So, are you at the verge of making a major business/career/financial/marital decision? Prayerfully count the cost. Don’t run in because others are doing it. You’re better of knowing that you’re the architect of your life under God. God won’t move you physically, He can only inspire thoughts that you can choose to work on.

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4 Responses to “Guy, Which One You Dey?”

  1. Ekpo Ekpo says:

    Thatz quite a punch below the belt. A great piece. Thanks

  2. Eunice Amede says:

    Great work.I hope to write like you soon

  3. Nancy O. says:

    Many times, we choose to be victims. But from your post u have asked us to take responsibility for our lives and choose how we respond; that’s great for me

  4. Suzana says:

    nice piece thanks

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