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I have been on a 30 day blogging Challenge. Did I ever mention that on this blog? I don’t think so, that’s why you’ve been seeing daily articles from me. As i type this, my mind is trying to put together what I want to write about……lol!

Got It! I’ve been sending out articles to married people for over a week now so I’ll just share one of those thoughts here…..

I once had a chat with a man in his 40s who has been married for over 10years. He has a philosophy that any wife who is being heavily spent on, in travel, shopping, and more has nothing to complain about in marriage. He believes she is not in any way suffering; i bet you that’s the way he handles his wife! He occupies a top Management role in a large organization and has access to loads of benefits that cover his family, and of course, he’s heavily paid too! So, his mantra is; I load her with goodies, and shut her capacity to complain about other things up! Like family time, spouse time, words of affirmation…….I bet you know he has a very unhappy and unsatisfied wife!
I have a question. What happens when a husband believes he knows what his wife needs, does those things, but in actual fact, he really doesn’t know her needs? OR What happens when a woman has the same firm belief as well that she knows what the husband needs but she doesn’t? What could be responsible for that?

Yes, you may have been assuming that your spouse doesn’t ‘understand’ what you need; even when you say it to his/her face! How could that be? Here are a few tips:

Ma’am, you probably were not as clear as you thought you were. Women can be so subtle sometimes. They like men to connect the dots and figure it out without too much help. Men can’t connect the dots; in fact, most times, they don’t know there are dots to connect!
When stating your need, please be clear (leave no room for assumptions) about them, also, there’s no need to be blunt and cause an argument; clarity could make a happier you!
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One Response to “WHO IS SATISFIED?”

  1. Maiye says:

    MI, very true talk. So often we think we know what our partners need, and most times we are wrong. The greatest mistake of communication in assumption. That’s why it pays to talk, listen, & ask for clarification.

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