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Have you seen that show before? I stumbled on this TV show few weeks ago. At first, it looked like nonsense to me, but later, it began to make sense. Now let me attempt to tell you what it’s all about…. The show focused on guys and ladies with a history of failed relationships who have given up on love, but are willing to be helped, seeing that they’ve made poor love choices all their lives. So a team of ‘experts’ help them make the choice of a life partner using scientific means. The team usually has a Spiritual advisor, a Sociologist, a Sexologist, a Psychologist, etc. 

So this team has a pool of such people, their upbringing/background, temperaments, profile, preferences, their love history, and based on these, they match-make them virtually; that’s not all o! The most scary part is that they DON’T set eyes on each other until their wedding day!

On the set wedding day, families and friends, all dressed, are usually in attendance. The Groom, dressed for the occasion, stands at the podium and waits for the bride to walk in, she’s uneasy and the groom looks awkward. They take the vows and BOOM, they’re married! After the wedding ceremony, there’s the usual reception, groom’s speech and all during which each person is trying to figure out “who’s this”? “Am married for real”?.

Some of them can’t take the suddenness of things and break down in tears but with family n friends around, they decide to give it a try. Then they take wedding pictures during which they start holding, touching, looking at each other. Then the wedding night (nothing happens most times). Most importantly, the team of experts organize a 1 week “honeymoon”, away from family and friends for them. It is usually during this time that they settle down to begin to accept each other and start embracing the possibility of a lifetime together with loads of clashes & awkward moments though. Then they move into a home together and start figuring how workable the marriage can be. The probation period for this exercise is 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, the team of experts meet with the couples and they state if they want to go ahead with the marriage or want out.

I normally wouldn’t align with this model but for the following reasons, I don’t mind:

1) Many people don’t really know the kind of person that’s best for them, they simply choose only based on who they like and don’t choose for long term….

2) Many people hop in and out of relationships because they feel they can always walk away since they’re still single, but with this arrangement, family and friends having attended, they’re more likely to want to make it work.

3) From the start, they came in for marriage, not boyfriend/girlfriend, so their mindsets were more ready for that.

Well, maybe marriage at 1st sight is a bit extreme, but even I know a few die hard singles that i’m willing to do that for; they don’t seem to be able to have working relationships……lol!. I hope that helped someone? Now i’m really considering adding Matchmaking services to my product offerings!

To be concluded…….


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