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Just Call My Name……

good old friends


Recently, I did a personal review of my relationship with friends from way back and for most of them, we’ve been largely out of touch. I have a justifiable busy schedule, but in thinking about it, I realized that at the end of the day, what matters after all is said and done is the impact we have made on the lives of people we get in touch with.

Showing Affection…..



I once had a short write up on my Face book wall about different ways parents show love to their children. My main thrust was that it’s not very healthy for parents to kiss their children on the lips, and I tried to explain why. The reason is very simple. The lips are private to anyone, young or old. What makes a part of the body private? It’s not “allowed” or it’s unhealthy for anyone to touch or “play with” that part of the body.




We are all unique. That’s a clear fact. Our personality (the characteristics that make us unique) would profoundly affect our marriage. Personality has a lot to do with how we see the world and people, and it impacts on what we like or do.


marriage compatibility


Religion or Spirituality is a topic that dating couples don’t treat deeply before marriage. In Nigeria where most people are religious, the less religious party in the relationship simply cooperates with the stronger one who drags him/her to church, so the ‘flow’ of the relationship can be smooth.

Sexual History…….Vital!

sexual history


In many things, most especially as far as sex is concerned, I wish people knew that the past never really remains in the past. I am aware that many people were sexually active before marriage.




I really need married couples to know that when either of them forces sex upon the other, it ceases to be an act of love; it becomes sexual abuse. For singles, it’s lust and abuse full blast!