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We are all unique. That’s a clear fact. Our personality (the characteristics that make us unique) would profoundly affect our marriage. Personality has a lot to do with how we see the world and people, and it impacts on what we like or do.

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It’s been an amazing 10 weeks back to back of online radio series with Praise Fowowe on issues concerning relationships for singles and married people. We have treated topics like child sexual abuse, househelps, Gucci weds Versace, Understanding the major differences between men and women, etc. We have experienced growth in attendance at the webinars and we’ve also received very heart warming feedback from people who have attended so far. We’ve had people attend from different parts of the world, and we have only just begun. It’s been fulfilling and fun!

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Happy New Year! I’m sure many of you have written out your goals and have started working towards making them happen. I know some of us have “to get married by so so time” as one of such goals. Infact, some of the people with such goals have fixed dates “in faith” and don’t even have a partner yet!



Two articles ago, i wrote about the choleric women. Today, i’ll be writing about another set of women who exhibit a temperament that can be described as “killing me softly 🙂 . This category of people hardly verbalize their thoughts. They’re so internal, it could get irritating. Someone once broke a relationship with her boyfriend because he was so quiet, and whenever there was an issue to be addressed, he seemed to have nothing to say, she almost went crazy!



Human beings are diverse in their personalities. Several researches have been carried out at different times to give definition to the different personality types that exist. One of them is the division into temperaments, which in itself, is quite broad.