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Morning Dawns when you wake up!



Many married people have regrets about some decisions surrounding their getting married. Some see issues with when they decided to get married (too early, too late). Others blame family, peer pressure, etc.

Today, we’re looking at timing/age. If you believe you were too young when you got married, so what are you going to do about it? You’re married already, face it!

Marriage lessons are mostly on the job training types, so when you quit living in regrets and take responsibility for making your marriage work is when it begins to work.

Yes you can. Make it work; morning has come!

I remain committed to your marital success.

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Choose Your Battles!



No marriage is devoid of challenges. In every relationship/marriage, you simply have an opportunity to choose your battles. What do I mean by this?




We are all unique. That’s a clear fact. Our personality (the characteristics that make us unique) would profoundly affect our marriage. Personality has a lot to do with how we see the world and people, and it impacts on what we like or do.


marriage compatibility


Religion or Spirituality is a topic that dating couples don’t treat deeply before marriage. In Nigeria where most people are religious, the less religious party in the relationship simply cooperates with the stronger one who drags him/her to church, so the ‘flow’ of the relationship can be smooth.

Sexual History…….Vital!

sexual history


In many things, most especially as far as sex is concerned, I wish people knew that the past never really remains in the past. I am aware that many people were sexually active before marriage.




I really need married couples to know that when either of them forces sex upon the other, it ceases to be an act of love; it becomes sexual abuse. For singles, it’s lust and abuse full blast!