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The Best Investment Opportunity!


Hello Friends! It’s been a while! I trust you had a great weekend?

Welcome to the brand new month of November! As we kick off the month with energy to achieve our set goals, I want to bring to your notice the biggest investment opportunity ever!

Guy, Which One You Dey?



Recently, i was speaking with a woman who was lamenting about her husband. Sure, her kind of story isn’t strange; infact, it’s becoming alarmingly common. What was her issue?




Money is the cause of the biggest issues in relationships, most especially, in marriage. I wish couples understood the inherent danger in not planning their finances; if they did, they’ll take things more seriously!

We Wish We Knew……..That Money Matter I...

money in marriage


Many dating couples or people in courtship never really discuss HOW they’ll handle their finances after marriage. They just assume that they’ll figure it out.



There’s a trend i’ve noticed overtime. Certain people have had really tough times growing up. Some people sponsored themselves through school and sold everything imaginable to be able to raise funds to move past that phase of life. They finally struggle through school and graduate; then they submit CVs at different places in search of a job to no avail. After a few years of job hunting, luck shines on them. They get a good paying job and their lives begin to change! They start settling down. It’s then payback time; time to buy everything they were deprived of while growing up, time to shame poverty! They look to the future and tell themselves they never want to be faced with any of such ugly memories.

The Marriage Cage

Marriage is every lady’s dream. It’s the icing on the cake, especially when a lady spent the earlier years of her life looking forward to the day when she will own her own home, be a content and fulfilled wife and woman. The thrill is usually higher when the man is relatively settled – has a good job, a nice ride and apartment; the lady feels secure and with absolutely no worries on her mind.