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Dating Singles: How Far is Too Far?

how far is too far


Recently, I wrote about setting boundaries for dating couples who have physical touch as their primary love language. But I think I wrote with an assumption that people know where to draw the lines. On deeper thought, I’ve seen that people act in different ways for different reasons. Some people know what’s right, but they give justification for whatever else they ‘choose’ to do.

Women’s Lesson Time!

It’s interesting how overtime, things our parents used to do or believe in seem outdated and out of fashion now. Their ideas seem archaic and ‘funny’. However, you would agree with me that certain values and principles they hold so dear still remain valuable and timeless. After i had an interesting experience with someone close to my parents’ age, i decided to share it with my readers and let me know where her ideas fall in the light of my thoughts.

Ladies, if only you knew……

Thanks all for the responses you gave on my last article about sheep and shepherds (pastors and church members). I’ll like to, in this short article, address the ladies and not limit it to them and the Pastors alone.

All the single ladies in the house….

I started writing this article last week, then lost it; how painful! It’s taking a lot from me to have to put my thoughts together and write again, hoping this will be an opportunity to have a better article. This article is for or about the ladies….again! lol You know my heart goes out to you babes J

Eat in, Take away or Take Home?

On reading this topic, what comes to mind? Fast food, naturally…..the chicken & chips, the pizzas, burgers, rice n chicken and lots more. But today, we’ll be looking at things a little differently, in another context, the context of a spouse – a life partner, more specifically tilted towards the female gender. I think for perspective, i should just try and define each of the terms in my own special way.



I took a little time off two weeks ago and it was quite refreshing. During the short vacation, the thought of writing this post came to my mind. It was probably fuelled by a movie i watched a while ago titled, “He’s not that into you”. Among other things that are noteworthy in the movie, i’ll basically focus on one: the movie showcased how the female folk outrightly evade the truth by constantly lie to themselves and each other. I am a woman, and i see it happen a lot around. Of course, not all women do it, but i think a good number, do.