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Kids Know Better…….



The things that crowd our minds as adults are simply amazing; they just have the capacity to really complicate things. The need to pay the bills, live up to societal expectations, create impressions in what schools we send our kids too and the lifestyle we want to create for them, etc can be overwhelming if we succumb to them. Going that route can be exhausting and so unfulfilling. Before you wonder at my ranting, let me share what I mean by sharing a few experiences with you.

Just Call My Name……

good old friends


Recently, I did a personal review of my relationship with friends from way back and for most of them, we’ve been largely out of touch. I have a justifiable busy schedule, but in thinking about it, I realized that at the end of the day, what matters after all is said and done is the impact we have made on the lives of people we get in touch with.

Women’s Lesson Time!

It’s interesting how overtime, things our parents used to do or believe in seem outdated and out of fashion now. Their ideas seem archaic and ‘funny’. However, you would agree with me that certain values and principles they hold so dear still remain valuable and timeless. After i had an interesting experience with someone close to my parents’ age, i decided to share it with my readers and let me know where her ideas fall in the light of my thoughts.



Hello my peeps, it’s been an exciting week for me. It sure pays to take time off regularly. I’ll be posting an article on something i read a while ago and it’s dedicated to mothers. Mothers are soft and tough, tender and strong, and as we celebrate mothers’ day, i dedicate this to all mothers and intending mothers. You’re the reason why we are here. Read on:

From the land of the Pharaohs…..


For the past few days, i have been in Egypt with my hubby and a few other friends and it’s been an exciting experience. As i write this, we’re on a cruise on the nile, and i look out of the window to behold the scenery of a massive body of water that serves 9 countries! I’ve been to many places and learnt so much about this country.


It’s quite interesting that my last post was titled “insanity” and now, this! It’s really coincidental, but am loving the coincidence. I’ll be touching on a few real life instances to drive home my point today. Read, and tell your friends and younger ones about it. It’s happening a lot these days, and we need to be informed so we’re armed to handle issues as they arise…..