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The Best Investment Opportunity!


Hello Friends! It’s been a while! I trust you had a great weekend?

Welcome to the brand new month of November! As we kick off the month with energy to achieve our set goals, I want to bring to your notice the biggest investment opportunity ever!




I engage different people from time to time. Many of them see that I have a full plate and really get to juggle several things; businesses, ministry and church work, family and these are simply broad headings to what I do. So from time to time, depending on where I am or who I relate with, I get asked different kinds of questions. Here are some examples:

You have your own company right?

What Would They Say?



I am blessed, and I don’t take it for granted. This state of blessedness has nothing to do with my Asset base or balance sheet. It has nothing to do with my background, degrees, or the countries of the world I have visited.




Happy New Month everyone!

As we begin the month of September, i would like to share some truths laced with humor with you. I believe we need to search within us, and realize some things we do that require stopping them, some things need to be picked up. In all of this, dia ris God!

The Price of Late Nights and More…….

Late nights


There were days when I and hubby went to sleep at 3/4am sometime about 9years ago. We were newly weds and had believed that marriage would be fine so far each person did his/her part.


stones and pebbles

I was recently chatting with my husband and he made me see that there’s a tendency for me to fall into the ‘trap’ of joining people to believe that I’m extremely busy. I took offence a bit, justifiably so! My schedule many times can be really choked up, having something to sort out almost every time.