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Happy New Month People!

As i reflect on the past 8 months of this year, i am extremely grateful to God for several opportunities to learn what i have been learning, and be a blessing to even many more people. It’s an awesome privilege! Out of the gratitude i feel, my heart wells up as i pray these prayers for you:

Are You Counting?


I’ve been swamped with a lot lately that I almost began to ‘complain’. I discovered then that if I concentrate on the things that really stress me out, I’ll lose sight of the rare opportunities I have, even if today’s world. As we round up the month August and look forward to the ember months, I decided to count my blessings!

Anatomy of Laziness.



I had a really hectic day. Infact, as the day was winding down, all I looked forward to was a hearty meal and the welcoming arms of my bed. During mid week service, I listened as the last part of the message addressed the anatomy of laziness and the divinity of work. As I listened, my eyes popped open at how lazy I can be many times.




Your 7 year old son/nephew comes begging for your car keys. He tells you he’ll just be needing it for about 30mins, and that he’ll be back from the neighborhood real quick! You’ll not only be shocked, but upset! Imagine you refusing him blatantly and he goes ahead to plead seriously, telling you that you shouldn’t make people ask if he has no parents to give him the car he so badly needs!

Religious Fashion Shows…..!


I love the message translation of the bible. I stumbled on this passage two days ago and decided to publish it for everyone to see. I always wonder what Jesus would’ve done to the church as it is today, if these were those days…..the people he would be rolling with, the things he would outrightly condemn and “born again christians” would be against him for….i wonder, just wonder! Can you read the article below with an open, simple English Language mind? You’ll be amazed what Jesus stood for and what he outrightly condemned; it doesn’t matter your religion abeg, read on! I’ll highlight a few statement for emphasis. I’ll like to have your thoughts after this.


This title has been on my mind for almost 2 full weeks now; funny enough, certain events came up that made my deciding to write and post the article not the best thing to do. But then, i decided to take a look at the things i had been reminded about gratitude and i told myself it was the more reason why i needed to write about it.