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Have you seen that show before? I stumbled on this TV show few weeks ago. At first, it looked like nonsense to me, but later, it began to make sense. Now let me attempt to tell you what it’s all about….

Sexual History…….Vital!

sexual history


In many things, most especially as far as sex is concerned, I wish people knew that the past never really remains in the past. I am aware that many people were sexually active before marriage.




I really need married couples to know that when either of them forces sex upon the other, it ceases to be an act of love; it becomes sexual abuse. For singles, it’s lust and abuse full blast!

We Wish We Knew That Sexual Fulfilment is Not Auto...

Not Automatic


Sex is so powerful. I’ve seen sex cause and colour issues, it has broken homes, messed people up; On the nice side, plenty of sex has made many married couples begin to look and think alike! Don’t ask me, that’s what I heard:)

Dating Singles: How Far is Too Far?

how far is too far


Recently, I wrote about setting boundaries for dating couples who have physical touch as their primary love language. But I think I wrote with an assumption that people know where to draw the lines. On deeper thought, I’ve seen that people act in different ways for different reasons. Some people know what’s right, but they give justification for whatever else they ‘choose’ to do.



Last week, I got talking to a lady who recently got a job in a location not too far from where she lived, not long after resuming at the new place, she moved house to an area very far from where she was before. I got curious and asked why she had to move house, also considering the fact that her salary could not sustain the fare to her new ‘home’. She first told me she just felt like moving house.