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Sex…….what’s the big deal? Part ...

The last article i wrote held a major assumption; that the husband has a stronger sex drive that the wife, this is because that’s what obtains in most cases. In this article, i’ll still ride on that assumption but will address the issue of sex from the woman’s perspective.
Women are emotional. They do things most times not only because it makes sense to do it, but they feel good doing it.

Sex….What’s the Big Deal?


Last weekend, one of my aburos got married. As usual, i was really excited! Of course, i saw her radiance and glow. I saw and could tell how happy they both were. It was a day they had looked forward to for a number of years when they first met. They were so excited you could feel it! That’s what you see in most wedding ceremonies, isn’t it? As i looked at them, i saw a couple who could give full expression to each other, with no holds barred from that day because they had been able to hold bodi till their wedding day.

Can you follow him?


Have you noticed that when a young girl, mostly a teenager starts having regular sex, her behaviour changes? Since someone she looked up to came as low as exposing what he will never show outside and sleeping with her, her perspective towards men generally changes. I’ve spoken with a number of them and i discovered that they have little or no respect for most men. That’s why some ladies will see their lecturers the same way they see their Uncles that defiled them.